About Basalaj Beauty

Basalaj Beauty was born out of a desire by our founder Amber Basalaj to create hardworking and high performance products with active skincare ingredients that also gives you the feeling of empowerment, confidence and strength. 

“It is important to me that everyone feels they can express themselves with confidence, strength and empowerment. I have spent my lifetime fighting a mentality of having to “fit in a box” and I just don’t believe we should be living that way. Everybody deserves to feel beautiful in whatever form they see fit. It's not for us as a society to set boundaries on how someone else interprets beauty. You interpret and implement it for yourself and should have confidence in that. There is too much pressure to look and feel a certain way and I want to change that back to where being you is the most important and beautiful thing you can be.” Amber Basalaj, Founder and Creative Director

Basalaj Beauty is about confidence. It is about being the best version of yourself without having to fit into a mold someone else has set for you. It represents minimal effort and maximum fun, a positive and uplifting experience that should add value to your mental health and well being.

Our brand has a strong emphasis on inspiring you to be the best you can be. To feel free to express yourself in whatever way you choose, whenever you choose just like our brand Basalaj Beauty does in every way.

Basalaj Beauty is family owned and operated with a vision to create a greater future in the beauty sector that is more than skin deep. Beauty starts from within and sometimes that just needs some confidence on the outside in order to grow.

Our Beauty, Your Way



Basalaj Beauty is officially launching into Sephora on the 17th of April 2024!

Grab our products in Sephora stores nationwide, online or on the Sephora app!

16 million followers
Adriana Lima

World Renowned Victoria's Secret Supermodel and Global Superstar, Adriana Lima, uses Basalaj Beauty products!

First introduced to Basalaj Beauty whilst on her Women's Fifa World Cup Tour 2023 in New Zealand, Adriana looked stunning in our 'ICONIC' matte lipstick.

After falling in love with our products and later getting a 'POWER' Set for herself, Adriana unexpectedly showed us plenty of love via Instagram.

The team at Basalaj Beauty couldn't believe the amazing support we gained, especially from Adriana. If Adriana stands by our quality and products, we certainly know that you won't be disappointed.

nsfw 2023
Backstage at NZFW

Come backstage with the inside look at what happens at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Basalaj Beauty brings an experienced team of 41 makeup artists to cover 19 shows through the entire week.

official beauty partner
2023 NZFW partner

In June of 2023, Our founder Amber Basalaj announced that Basalaj Beauty would be the Official Beauty Partner of New Zealand Fashion Week.

Not only was this a monumental achievement for Amber, but it was too for New Zealand. New Zealand would be thrilled as Basalaj Beauty is named as the very first New Zealand owned and operated beauty partner.

Read the full press release and announcement here:

fashion for a cure

Amber Basalaj lost her good friend, Joanne, to breast cancer. While Joanne was fighting cancer for the second time she created a highlighter (Joanne - Gold) to capture the strength and empowerment she always upheld throughout her journey with breast cancer. Our Joanne highlighter now represents her memory to Amber and a way to honour her friend.

Amber and Basalaj Beauty chose to work closely with Breast Cancer Cure and their Fashion For A Cure events, to help fund research and find a cure for breast cancer.

Basalaj Beauty is a donor for all Fashion For A Cure events, We are so proud to be apart of Breast Cancer Cure and raise tens of thousands per event in memory of Joanne.

Please join us in donating towards cancer research.

cosmoprof - las vegas, nv
Basalaj Beauty in vegas!

Basalaj Beauty made the trip around the globe to Las Vegas, Nevada, for America's largest beauty & cosmetics convention - CosmoProf.

Here is our display (image right) for the duration of the CosmoProf Convention. We were overwhelmed with support and hope to make another return soon!

long lunch event

Basalaj Beauty attended the stunning BeautyEQ long lunch fashion show at the Sunset Bar Sudima Hotel.

Fun, Funky, Bright & Bold, Basalaj Beauty created a multitude of makeup looks.

See the runway and full article via BeautyEQ:

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makeup for stunning Kiri
Nathan runway at NZFW.
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